Green rooftops: Your own ecosystem right in the middle of a city

Created by Andreas Strunz |

Your Oasis in the city: green flat rooftops

Life in the city can appear dreary and grey. Concrete and stone are the main components of the streets, only few parks create a green variety. Berlin was considered for a long time as one of the greenest cities of Germany – now it only ranks in the midfield. Trees and green areas have to give way to parking spaces and buildings.. 

To work against this trend, you can create a small ecosystem in the middle of the city wit green rooftops. Not only have they a positive effect on the environment and offer a substitute biosphere for plants and small species in the city but protect your building at the same time. Green rooftops improve the microclimate, save water in a natural way, bind dust and protect the roof against extreme temperatures an environmental pollution. They protect the roof seal and prolong the shelf life verifiable.

You can choose between an extensive planting, that is near-natural and less in need of care, or a intensive planting, that can be designed as garden or a terrace, depending on your roof structure. For every choice we offer you the right construction and planning of your flatroof, so that there are no obstacles are in your way towards your green oasis.

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