Safety first

Created by Andreas Strunz |

Safety at work is an important aspect of every daily work routine.

BWhile working on a construction site you must rely 100 % on your colleagues’ professional know-how to reach an optimal result. Safety at work is at the same extent an important aspect. The obligation to wear a helmet is given on every construction site. The periodical maintenance and renewal of helmets is indispensable to ensure full protection. Even a small hairline fracture can lower the protection effect. If you as a home owner visit the construction site, you should wear a helmet to your own safety.

Despite trained employees and safety covers, unpredictable accidents can happen at any time during roof construction work. We train every employee as a first-aid worker, so someone will response in case of an emergency and can prevent a disaster. We stand on regular training courses for all employees to stay updated in this regard and not to take any risks.

Sicherheit geht vor